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General Topics

hookah is a traditional instrument for smoking flavoured tobacco called ‘shisha’ or ‘mu’assel’. Hookahs have a long standing tradition in many parts of the world and as a result are known by many different names including narghile, shisha, huqqah, argileh, and even colloquially as ‘hubbly bubbly’. The hookah originated from India and the Middle East, and is now enjoyed all over the world.

Hookahs work by vaporising (rather than burning) the flavoured tobacco and passing the smoke through water to cool and purify it before inhalation. Nowadays, tobacco and nicotine free shisha is also available and comes in many different exciting flavours such as apple, watermelon and berry.

Smoking the hookah has become a great social past time, and hookah bars and lounges provide meeting spots for friends to gather and socialise. It has also been said that smoking shisha is not only a custom, but a matter of prestige.

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We are sure this will make some of you want to buy hookahs more and the other 90% get a little turned off but we thought it would be funny to chronicle celebrities with a hookah pipe in their hands.

Here’s one for our Kardashian fans…On a recent visit to Abu Dhabi Kim Kardashian was spotted trying a hookah. She posted this picture along with, ”Oh HI Abu Dhabi! I just tried shisha for the 1st time at Alhan”.

Now we know this will please all you Hannah Montana fans out there, the “talented” Miley Cyrus with hookah and all.

Brand Guides

Based in the USA, Al Fakher hookah tobacco was founded in 2006 and proud to deliver some of the best and highest of quality products available when it comes to their smoking equipment. This company is proud to deliver their molasses to the world via the easiness of the internet.

Al Fakher offers a large range of high quality molasses to choose from with many different flavours and varieties for optimal smoking pleasure and experience.

Al Fakher is one of the industry leaders when it comes to flavoured molasses, and offers a full guarantee on all their products giving all the customers peace of mind. With great flavours and a variety of choose from, all their customers can easily choose the product that is right for them and their smoking requirements.

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Hydro Herbal is one of the dominate leaders in the herbal molasses industry who is proud to offer their customers some of the best products available on the market. This company has strived to bring only the very best to the hookah water pipe culture and has masterfully perfected herbal based molasses with a touch of exotic flavours and powerful tastes that offer superb quality.

Located in the USA, this company offers an array of high quality and organic herbs which have been secretly hidden for years across the Eastern seas. They have provided products which have been unleashed, unlocked, and delivered to the western world by Hydro Herbal exclusively for all their customers to enjoy.

Founded in 1927, Soex is one of the industry leaders when it comes to non-tobacco and tobacco products. Delivering 100% high quality products, this company is dedicated to enriching your smoking experience with a rich blend of freshness and heritage which offers a touch of the Soex Indian legacy.

Soex is proud to deliver products to over 140 countries across the USA, ASIA, Europe, UAE, and the Middle East.  With a comprehensive portfolio of non-tobacco and tobacco products, this company has infused flavours to their fine quality molasses to appeal to a broad range of customers.

With constant innovation and development of new products, Soex is continuing to push forward into the future to deliver some of the best products available to the world and is continuing to deliver on a commitment of excellence with optimal customer satisfaction.

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Shiazo Stream Stones is one of the leaders when it comes to providing high quality products for your shisha. This company offers a range of stream stones including their original shisha steam stones which allows all customers to enjoy their shisha without the side effects and need of tobacco.

All their products offer you a full taste of experience with a thick steam cloud. Shiazo Stream Stones also provides patented PIM technology, or a pressure injection method, which provides the same flavour as regular shisha tobacco.

Shiazo Stream Stones provide customers with a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking and is dedicated to improving the shisha world with great tasting products to enjoy and experience.

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are one of the more known brands of hookahs well known for their impeccable, durable, and traditional designs. The Khalil Mamoon company is located in Egypt and is considered an industry leader when it comes to hookah manufacturing. They feature all handmade hookahs which are made by experienced and well-practiced artisans who for many years have been making hookahs.

Their products are made to withstand against some of the most rigors of industrial uses which makes their products some of the best ones available. It is said that they are unmatched with the quality and designs of hookahs because of their creativity.

With many years of experience behind them, and many more years to come, Khalil Mamoon Hookahs is said to be the continuing industry leader behind the name that is renowned right across Egypt as the work-horses of hookahs.

Originally started 40 years ago in 1863, MYA Hookahs has become one of the renowned names for hookah manufacturing in the world. They have pleased customers right across the world with their unique and top quality design of their popular MYA hookah (also known as narghileh). This company offers all its customers a fine range of beautiful hookahs to choose from which offer simple to exotic designs that will compliment and decorate a room with a special unique and usable art piece.

MYA features manufacturing plants right across the Middle East, Far East, and Europe and have since become a world leader in the innovative design and distribution of their hookah range. A family owned business, MYA has dedicated themselves to delivering only the best when it comes to these water pipes. Their large range of Hookahs offer a pleasurable way of experiencing flavored tobacco like no other. Unlike other brands the MYA Hookah range allows you to easily mix and match different parts to customize your very own hookah for yourself.

MYA is the worlds only manufacturing company of the real crystal hookahs which offers a unique and stylish appearance that is second to none. To date they currently have over 1000 original hookahs available in a range of styles and designed to choose from. With many years to come in the future, MYA has and will continue to strive to deliver to all their dedicated customers the very best when it comes to the Hookah.

Other Hookah Names

Hubbly Bubbly
Smoking Pipe
Water Pipe