At Oz Hookah we offer a wide variety of hookah charcoal, both quick-light and natural, to suit your tastes.

Charcoal for hookah is an essential element when buying a hookah pipe online – as they say, no smoke without fire! Once you have decided on a hookah and chosen from our wide variety of shisha flavours, you’ll also need high-quality hookah charcoal to heat things up.

There are two main subcategories of charcoal available for hookah smoking. Natural hookah charcoal, as its name suggests, is made of natural woods such as coconut and bamboo. On the other hand, quick-light hookah charcoals use chemical accelerants to ignite quickly.

If you have your quality hookah pipe and your premium shisha from Oz Hookah raring to go and want to get your hookah session started as soon as possible, buying a quick-light hookah charcoal is the answer. This type of charcoal will get your hookah smoking quick and easy. For new hookah enthusiasts and smokers on the go, choose from our quick-light charcoal for hookahs to get the party started!

Natural charcoal for hookahs take longer to get burning, but the upside of this is that they can continue burning for longer than quick-light charcoal. For a more traditional, authentic hookah experience, take a look at our natural hookah charcoal range. A new innovation in charcoal is the use of coconut husk – this material is quickly becoming a highly popular option. The finely-ground coconut shell offers an even, long-lasting smoke, so when going for a natural wood charcoal this is definitely one to try.

Once you have chosen your charcoal, you’re ready to select some amazing hookah flavours to try from our extensive range of shisha online.

Need help selecting the right hookah charcoal products, or have any questions about buying hookah pipes online? Get in touch with our friendly team today – we’re here to help!