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When you smoke hookah, you are enjoying centuries of tradition and innovation – from the traditional hookah pipes originating in India and the Middle East right through to the contemporary glass hookahs of today. Smoking hookah really is a worldwide phenomenon that people have been enjoying for hundreds of years.

Hookah pipes, rather than burning, vapourise flavoured tobacco. Smoke is filtered and purified by passing through water before being inhaled.

The pipe is just one part of the hookah experience – you will also require shisha and charcoal. Shisha, or the flavoured tobacco used for smoking in hookah pipes, was traditionally tobacco leaves combined with other ingredients such as honey and herbs. Nowadays there are as many shisha flavours to choose from as you can imagine for use with your hookah pipe and hookah charcoal. Our range of shisha really does have something to suit every taste!

Speaking of charcoal, this is another essential element of smoking with a hookah pipe to ignite your shisha. There are several varieties to choose from for different purposes, so be sure to take a look at our high-quality hookah charcoal to ‘fire up’ your hookah experience!

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