Oz Hookah brings you an incredible range of hookah shisha flavours to suit your tastes.

Together with hookah pipes and charcoal, shisha is an essential elements of smoking hookah. “Shisha” is the traditional name for flavoured tobacco smoked in hookah pipes. For centuries hookah chefs have been combining tobacco leaves with aromatic ingredients such as honey and herbs to create beautiful shisha blends.

These days, shisha for hookah has expanded into countless different varieties and flavours – berry, apricot, bubblegum, chocolate, Earl Grey, mango, banana, cinnamon … and the list goes on and on. There really is a shisha to suit everyone!

Choosing your shisha is one of the best parts of getting started with hookah smoking, or a fun way of refreshing your smoking experience if you are a seasoned hookah fan. When you shop with us you can trust that the experience will be simple, easy and the product delivered to your door a quality hookah flavour.

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If you have any questions about shisha, or hookah products in general, be sure to contact our friendly team and benefit from their years of experience with hookah.

When you have chosen your shisha from our collection, be sure to take a look at our premium hookah pipes and quality hookah charcoal to get started!